Facebook Photo Sync is Instant Upload From Google+

Today, Facebook has revealed that it’s rolling out a new feature, Photo Sync, for mobile apps. Few minutes ago, Facebook shared this news  in their newsroom. This will be available for Android and iOS ‘s latest FB app updates.

Basically this feature is borrowed all the way from Google+ Instant Upload (which I definitely don’t like), which automatically uploads all the photos from your phone to a private folder on facebook. Have a look at the image:


Although, The photos are stored in a private folder so none other than you will have access to it. It will be quite fast for users to share it as they won’t have to upload it manually. But the sad part is that It will automatically sync (upload) all the photos taken by your camera to facebook, resulting in high mobile data consumption.

Will it be cool?

I don’t think many people like instant upload feature of Google+ (I have uploaded a video on youtube demonstrating how to disable instant upload). So why would they let ALL there photos uploaded to facebook automatically? Each and every photo you click on mobile doesn’t deserve to be on the web!

So let the users decide which photo to upload rather than uploading all the photos.

Has it got some pros?

Obviously! If you have opted out for Facebook photo sync option and you delete a photo on your phone accidentally then you can easily find it there on facebook private folder.

Don’t worry! Let them add this “cool” feature, we will be back with a video on how to disable(or enable) Photo Sync for Facebook. It’s time for you to shoot your views about this in comments. Or on our Facebook page!


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