NuGen Media is your gateway to Digital Network and Marketing Services. We bring comprehensive digital services and technologies to enhance your digital footprint. From advertising, marketing, branding and digital services, as well as specific digital surveillance, networking and storage services. Each of which is engineered to optimize you business offering.

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From building the  strategy in the foundation phase, it is very important to understand what the clients needs and objectives are, and their aspirations for the project...the basis of strategy  articulation all start with this step.


Every opinion is a sign board pointing in the right direction, whether developing an network plans or drawing up  digital surveillance plan, every project is directed not just by the skills of the technician or designer, but the input of the client relationship.

Our Vision



The outcomes of our  project reflects the client in every way, projects fulfill the needs of the audience and propel the clients  influence within that designed space.

NuGen Media embraces creative and technological

development, thus it is our priority to empower

innovative and creative abilities to various infrastructure

and communities, giving knowledge to

transform analogue normalities to digital aspirations


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David's League

Services | We got skills. Like seriously, look at all those skills.

  • Digital Marketing


    Through creative thinking at the forefront and analytic management, we bring your brand to a new sphere of advertising using Online resources utilizing ad networks, SEM strategies , we setup your creative campaigns  and give you the value of targeting your specific audience effectively and accurately.

    Media Buying

    Yes we just not Online, we offer the same creative strategies and media concepts for targeting and engaging with your audience in media such as print, on-line and radio


    With over 7 years in management and driving creative and innovative marketing, we ensure that all your needs are met with a dedicated and well versed marketing team, we strive to bring an effective  and clear cut message you are trying to drive to your target audience.


    Fast forwarding you into the modern age of digital through robust web and application solutions raging from Web, Social Media, SEM and email marketing. we empower your brand to reshape its digital foot-print to enhance your  brand image and effectiveness


    Being Visual, Impactful, and engaging, we bring highly creative designs to enhance your brand image and brand strategy, incorporating Your company's CI into every artwork and implementation for every CI material.

  • Digital Networking Services


    High Speed Networking

    Our High speed networking services aims at increasing business productivity and enhancing office collaboration through extensive high speed solutions, Thus offering only infrastructure and software that give you the latest in wired or Wireless high speed networking, With our Wireless solutions reducing extensive cabling needs of landlines, thus decreasing the need of drilling too many holes. enabling you to have a secured wireless connected network that runs at 5x (LTE-A-150mbs-1gbs) the speeds of ADSL, DSL OR VDSL speeds, and share none of the shortfalls of landline maintenance or downtimes.



    · Installations

    · Network Management

    · Consultation and Design

    · Audit and Documentation

    Cloud Network and Asset Management services

    Bringing you latest in cloud services, take your business Online and collaborate, share and be productive from anywhere you are and your employees, with active sync technologies stay up to date with all your business servers.

    We take your Cloud network to a level of easy accessibility to robust security to protect your companies integrity

    Digital Surveillance

    Our advanced digital surveillance services  and technologies give you unparalleled control of over your entire surveillance system. our hardware and applications allow access to your surveillance using various devices and elevating pains of wired connectivity, yes you have guess it, your digital surveillance packed uses wired or wireless technology which will obviously connect to your high speed office network.. This increases better performance in your surveillance and monitoring


    · Installations

    · Surveillance Management

    · System Monitoring

    · Audit and Documentation


  • Interactive Development



    bringing Quality and design excellence, our Jedi knights create content such as, logo designs, business cards, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, posters and many more,bringing interactivity to your world, we produce new HTML animations, Flash ads and banners, video and other media designs, all meant to capture, and correlate with your audience.

    Mobile Goodness

    With innovative cross platform development, our mobile solutions will deliver your message on platforms such as Android, IOS, and Blackberry devices


It’s never mattered more. The web, social media, mobile and digital sign-age content are critical tools every company has to get right – and it starts with you and then the strategy.

An integrated marketing strategy ensures a unified voice and message for your brand and business. It’s what differentiates you from your competitors across all communication platforms. The strategic goal – to eliminate inconsistent messaging and seamlessly move prospects through each stage of the purchase cycle, from awareness to knowledge, preference, purchase and advocacy


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