Who should be looking at your content…? Don’t make this mistake

Social media has given the opportunity to expand your business by doing more with less, it gives you the opportunity to stand in front of a large audience and pay nothing at the door. In the world of social media most entry level marketers or even business owners are excited and ready to go market their business’s on social media to a large audience…the notion is the bigger the catch, the bigger the fill,this is one mistake online marketers do frequently, they forget the basics of marketing 101…”market content to your relevant target market”… You could have a 50000 facebook friends or even a million twitter followers, however if the content is not for their eyes….i.e they are not your target market, then you are throwing a large sum of your fortune into the fire…and non of your facebook friends are going to come put out the fire..

Let me give you an example..

Early last week I bumped into a business acquaintance of mine,whose name is Sphiwe by the way. Sphiwe just started a transport business using a loan he received at the bank,just like everyone else he heard how social media is the in thing and that you need nor spend a dime trying to market it to the masses..so excited and amped up as he is, he goes ahead and sets up various social networking accounts with the intended branding, and just like any marketer doing the same frequent mistake, he markets his business on facebook,with no social media marketing principles I might add,and he starts following people who he has on his facebook, and if he does follow people in his industry on twitter, its either they to far away to give him business or they are just a direct competitor….now Sphiwe was a very great marketer(distributor of information), he ended marketing to a large audience, his twitter followers doubled by the week,facebook friends came by the numbers and would like and comment once in a blue moon, but he couldn’t understand why all this effort hasn’t made his office telephone ring, it hasn’t made business emails coming in, all he was gaining is emotional credit, to put it in simple terms he was getting paid with “great trucks man” or “wow is that your truck” even worse he would get “hi Dan I’d love a ride in your truck one day…*wink*”…however he never got paid for it..

This is the reason why most marketers fall behind, or loose interest in marketing online,or they simple loose the their energy along the way…it happened to Sphiwe, its probably happening to you..

Here’s some easy steps to follow that will help your business marketing direction

1 Look for your target market.
Be thorough here…lay down all the demographics of the people who are going to pay you, I mean even a non profitable organization profits for the work they do in their communities. Build facebook friends who would give you great recommendation for business, or as I like to say it “friends in high places”..

2 Build content that would make them feel compelled to look at because its exactly what they are looking for….frequently be in their face with what your proposing will satisfy their needs with great content.

3 know the tools used in social media that will enable you to customize your content to your hearts content and which will allow content distribution easily…





Just to name a few..

4 Give your audience an opera performance

What I mean here is, be loud,be subtle, be relevant, pitch your marketing tones at the right moment,the hard sale only works at the right moment…the reason I love the opera is because the Prima Divo (lead male singer) or the Prima Donna(lead female singer) sings, screams,whispers here their symphony all at the right time, and most importantly to the right audience…I love opera, I’d love it if a women could scream at me all day(*giggle* no not in that way) but I know a 10 of my other friends who would run out the auditoriam at moment she even opens her month…

so for all those venturing out into social media, know WHO SHOULD BE LOOKING AT YOUR CONENT…with that said happy marketing.

Written by(Tshepo Treasure Molokwane,Nugen Media)


Co-driver for Nugen Media Blog

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